“I grew up in one of the most beautiful and scenic places in the world..the Blue Ridge Mountains. When I was a little girl I remember watching the Grand Ole Opry with my grandmother. During my teenage years I was more into the Doobie Brothers and Three Dog Night, but in 2007 my father, Kyle, (now you know where I got my name), started volunteering at the newly built Blue Ridge Music Center located at mile marker 213 on the Blue Ridge Parkway just a few miles from my childhood home where he still lives. In his thick Southern accent, he said “Kylene, you’ve got to come down here and meet these people...you’re going to love these musicians”. The following summer I hosted the Saturday night show at the Rex Theatre in Galax, my hometown, and home of the oldest Fiddlers Convention in the country. I met Gerald Anderson and Spencer Strickland and yes, I fell in love with this music and these talented musicians. Seven of them performed at my place of residence in Naples, Florida with a 3-day sell-out of Bluegrass music. It was during this performance that we talked about the idea of a Christmas CD, so here it is. Christmas Along The Crooked Road. I know you are going to LOVE IT!” Kylene Barker McNeill Virginia’s First Miss America 1979 It was indeed a joy to work with so many outstanding artists on such a special project. All of the musicians involved, individually and collectively, are incredible pickers committed to sharing their wonderful talents, and have been resilient in keeping their musical heritage alive and strong. Travel the Crooked Road- Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail, and you’ll likely catch them performing on stage, at festivals, or informal jam sessions. Christmas Along The Crooked Road is an exceptional project to be treasured for years to come. Debbie Robinson FRIENDS of the Blue Ridge Parkway Director of Programs Christmas Along the Crooked Road VIRGINIA'S HERITAGE MUSIC TRAIL More about the songs More about the musicians 605 McArthur Street, Galax, VA 24333 Tel: 276 236-9908 Gerald Anderson, Jimmy Edmonds, Wayne Henderson, Steve Lewis, Jeff Little, Josh Scott, Spencer Strickland, Helen White and The Junior Appalachian Musicians Featuring: "On Virginia's Crooked Road, Mountain Music Lights the Way" New York Times “It was great to play on this special Christmas project.  I enjoyed picking with some of my friends , all excellent players, and it’s always a pleasure working in Wesley Easter’s studio.  But I have to say my favorite part about it was playing with the JAM kids.  It’s an honor to be on a project with these young musicians.” Wayne C. Henderson, National Fellowship Award Recipient and the Appalachian guitarist and guitar maker the Nashville pickers talk about.
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